Wholesale fruit juice tap

Wholesale ordering or small quantity juice on tap available in-store

Wholesale fruit juice on tap. Great for events, children’s parties, weddings or catering.

We sell our smaller quantities of  fruit juice in-store @ R11.90 / litre with your own container! You can also buy fruit juice containers in-store, the containers come in 1 litre, 2 litre, 5 litre.

There is also a 25 litre wholesale juice option available with a tap if wanted. Tap sold separately.

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Our fruit juice does not contain added sugar or sweeteners. May contain permitted preservatives, stabilisers, colourants and flavouring substances.

We also sell pallets of other fruit juice brands that come in convenient 200 ml boxes, these too can be found in-store. Click on the enquire button below to order.

breakfast punch juice

Breakfast punch juice

mango orange juice

Orange / Mango juice

orange juice

Orange juice

Guava juice

Guava juice